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WISD Goals & Focus Points




  • Educate the ‘whole’ child.
  • Promote various programs to ensure school safety.
  • Foster positive community and school relationships.
  • Continue to emphasize technology integration and digital learning.
  • Formulate a long-range facility plan.
  • Develop and support strong teacher training programs.



The Winnsboro ISD Board of Trustees, Superintendent and Administrative Team developed focus points for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond.  These have been amended for the 2016-17 school year.  WISD Focus Points are:


Future-Ready Students

  • Foster life-long learners.
  • Educate students in skills to lead to strong interpersonal relationships – communication and conflict resolution.
  • Help identify students who may not be college bound and identify needed skills to enter the workforce.
  • Add CTE opportunities for students to gain life-wage jobs without a 4 year college degree.
  • Partner with NTCC to expand programs while working toward a new CTE facility.


Curriculum and Instruction

  • Work toward student driven learning.
  • Strive for staying on the cutting edge of technology and digital learning.
  • Follow state mandates for testing while finding ways to evaluate students on a broader scope.
  • Do not stress test scores over learning how to live.
  • Encourage teachers to diversify teaching methods to make learning more fun and to be more effective in the classroom.
  • Encourage students to think out of the box.
  • Improve teacher instruction through additional training.



  • Renovate existing facilities, and clean up WISD campuses.
  • Consider an architect to evaluate existing facilities and needs for the future.
  • Consider options to present to the Facilities’ Committee for facility needs.
  • Continue to show stewardship with facilities.



  • Continue to enhance career and technology education program opportunities for students.
  • Continue to improve in the Arts, UIL, Band, Ag, FCCLA, Drama, Theatre, Choir, etc.
  • Identify students not involved in extra-curricular activities and see if we can offer them an alternative.
  • Look to expand extra-curricular and co-curricular programs and activities for the future.



  • Foster a sense of personal well-being through activities that enhance character education.
  • Continue to utilize security measures such as Cop Sync, partnerships with local law enforcement, full-time district security officer, security cameras on all campuses, securing entrances to buildings, when possible.
  • Educate students on real-life skills – bullying, video game violence, parenting, finances.
  • Have strong security visibility on campuses and at activities.


School/Community Relations

  • Foster trust and communication.
  • Utilize every opportunity to communicate and improve the perception of the district with the community.
  • Engage community in discussions about the direction we want to go as a district.
  • Find ways to include the community in education.
  • Promote the strong, positive points related to WISD—not the A-F Rating System.