ALL INTERESTED APPLICANTS (teachers, aides, maintenance, food service, custodial, bus drivers) must complete an online application and apply through the Region 7 On-line Application Consortium. 
Click on open position or link is on the right menu (On-Line Professional Application).  All positions open until filled.
**WISD is accepting substitute applications at this time. 
ALL INTERESTED SUBSTITUTE APPLICANTS must complete an online application and apply through the Region 7 On-line Application Consortium. Link is on the right menu (On-Line Professional Application).
Winnsboro Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability in providing education or providing across to benefits of educational services, activities, and programs, including, vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights of 1964, as amended: Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972:  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended: and Title II of the Americans Disability Act.

Winnsboro School District Job Description
Contact casey.monds@winnsboroisd.org
Contact casey.monds@winnsboroisd.org
Winnsboro High School Job Description
Special Ed Teacher - ELA/Social Studies
Contact david.pinnell@winnsboroisd.org
Winnsboro Junior High
Job Description
Contact jeff.akin@winnsboroisd.org
Winnsboro Intermediate School Job Description
Winnsboro Elementary School Job Description
Contact aaron.nation@winnsboroisd.org

Support Staff Job Description
Complete On-Line Application.
Click on open position or link is above/right corner menu.
Contact roger.spakes@winnsboroisd.org
Contact butch.cummings@winnsboroisd.org
Contact kisha.smith@winnsboroisd.org
Contact roger.spakes@winnsboroisd.org
Contact pam.norwood@winnsboroisd.org

WISD Teacher Aide Job Description/Special Knowledge/Skills:

**Ability to work well with children

**Ability to communicate effectively

**Conduct instructional exercises assigned by the teacher; work with individual students or small groups. 

** Help supervise students throughout school day, inside and outside classroom. This includes lunchroom, bus, and playground duty.  

**Keep teacher informed of special needs or problems of individual students.

Pam Norwood, Title IX Coordinator