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When you consider the mission statement of WISD, you find that fostering an environment that builds life-long learners is the goal of every employee in the district.  Here in Winnsboro, we take that charge seriously, and every employee understands that we all have a part to play in raising the children of this community.  Although our primary focus is to provide students the tools they need to be successful academically, we also have an obligation to help them develop skills that will serve them well in the real world after they leave the security of our hallways.  With these thoughts in mind, my theme for this year that I have shared with the WISD faculty and staff is Engage.  Empower.  Encourage.  …and Mediate!


As educators, we strive every day to engage students in learning.  Often, teachers use various strategies to accomplish this end in their daily lessons.  Our district is rich in technology resources, and teachers are continuously learning how to use technology tools to engage students in the learning process. Our teachers also utilize a variety of engagement tools that are not technology related, and the result is a balanced approach to facilitating quality education for our students.  Students also have a responsibility to engage with the content being presented to them – this is a life skill that will serve them well when they enter the workforce – so we strive to teach them how to do this successfully.


Another goal that we have in WISD is to empower our students.  By teaching them to be independent in using whatever resources are available, we are preparing them to be valuable employees in the future.  As educators, we also want to teach the parents of our students about the resources that are available to help their children achieve academic success.  If you have a student in WISD, please take time to seek out information from your child’s teachers about what tools can be used at home to help with assignments.


Every WISD employee seeks to encourage our students – that is the entire purpose of our being here.  We want to make it easy for you to encourage your students to be successful this year in their classroom.  The best way for parents to help encourage their child to succeed academically is to ensure that they attend school regularly, talk to the student about their role as a learner in the classroom, make sure they complete assignments that the teacher provides, and discuss ways that your child can become involved in extra- or co-curricular activities.


Finally, mediation is a focus for WISD employees this year.  Simply stated, mediation is when an adult explains their thought processes to a child.  Mediation is the primary task of an educator.  Explaining thought processes about how to solve math problems, how to write good paragraphs, how to use maps or analyze data, or how to learn a new skill – is something that occurs all day, every day in WISD.  Educators also mediate as they help students understand the thought processes behind developing a strong character and work ethic.  Parents can extend on this at home by taking opportunity to discuss with their child how to make good choices in various situations.  Together, by sharing our thought processes, we can teach the children of Winnsboro how to become confident, independent adults who will one day be leaders in our community and country.


As we work this year to Engage.  Empower.  Encourage.  …and Mediate!, I want you to know how excited I am to be here in this District – where everybody’s last name is Winnsboro!  I love being a part of this great family!


Torri Miller

Assistant to the Superintendent

Director of Curriculum and Instruction