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Being There Matters!!!


For the last several years, you have likely heard someone say, “Everybody’s last name is Winnsboro!” when discussing Winnsboro ISD.  It may sound a bit goofy to some people, but in our district – we are all one big family – tied together by that last name and what it means to us.  An outsider may wonder – just what does it mean?


  • It means that every single student in WISD has their own cheering section – with 235 adults (who share the same last name) available to encourage them.
  • It means that the adults in WISD have a large network to call upon when help is needed with a project.
  • It means that students learn that there is a sense of responsibility to help the larger community that shares their last name.
  • It means that WISD students and staff take that sense of responsibility out into the community of Winnsboro as we live and work as friends and neighbors.
  • It means that the citizens of Winnsboro embrace us, treat us as family, and expect great things from WISD.
  • And (as I so often remind the students) it means that we better pay attention and make good choices so that we don’t embarrass the family!


Basically, having the last name of Winnsboro means that you are committed to being there.  Being There….Because it Matters!


I read an article recently that talked about Being There – and how it matters in terms of student attendance.  If a student is not in regular attendance – their learning suffers.  Similarly, if a teacher is not in regular attendance – student learning suffers.  The article defined chronic absence as missing at least 15 days of instruction – for any reason.  With that many student absences, there will surely be gaps in learning!  And with that many teacher absences, there will be surely be gaps in instruction as well.  Being There Matters!


Another article that I read discussed how Being There Matters in the family unit as well - specifically, it stated that having dinner together matters!  While the article listed many benefits for the sharing of meals on a daily basis, it also showed that “having joint meals as infrequently as once a week makes a difference”.     Being There Matters!


Why does Being There Matter so much?  Because it gives us the opportunity to share with one another.  Children need the guidance of grown-ups so they can learn to make good choices in life.  They need to hear about our successes and failures – then take that knowledge and use it to make better decisions for themselves.  Being There allows us to inspire one another – to help encourage, support, and push others to do their best. 


The Winnsboro ISD faculty and staff is committed to being there for our students in 2019-2020…because Being There Matters!


Who will you inspire today?


Torri Miller

Assistant Superintendent

Director of Curriculum and Instruction