Remind will no Longer Send Texts to Verizon Customers


Remind has always paid a fee for text messages sent and received; however, Verizon will begin

charging an additional fee meant for companies that send spam messages. Even though

Remind messages aren’t spam, Verizon will not make an exception for Remind messaging.

Remind is asking Verizon customers to voice their concerns by contacting Verizon customer

service at (800)922-0204 and through social media. Use #ReverseTheFee to Tweet @verizon

and let them know how beneficial Remind is to your classroom and that it is #NotSpam.

Continuing with Remind

Verizon customers will still be able to receive messages through the Remind app with a

smartphone. If Remind users do not already have the app, they will need to download the app

and enable push notifications from Remind on their phone. If they already have the app, they

may need to make sure the notifications are enabled to receive them. Customers without

smartphones can go to from a computer and turn on email notifications to receive

all notifications through email.

Please be sure to set your notifications through the app or email before January 28th to

avoid missing important messages!