WISD is Awarded Grant to Improve School Safety

During a recent WISD School Board meeting, members from WISD Administration were awarded a grant in the amount of $57,399 from the National Rifle Association. The grant will fund school safety projects. This will include controlled access entry at each of the district’s campuses.

According to members of the Northeast Texas Friends of NRA, money is raised through the year during banquets and other membership events.  The NRA School Shield Program awards grants to schools to provide monetary support for facility upgrades to improve school safety.

WISD applied for the grant in the spring of 2018. As a component of the grant application, a representative from the NRA School Shield Program spent two days evaluating the safety of each campus in the district. As a result of the evaluation, WISD requested funding for several items including improved parking lot lighting, upgraded exterior doors and card reader access control entry systems.

The NRA School Shield Program began in 2012 with a focus on improving school security and safety.  The program is funded through grants utilizing money raised by the Friends of NRA.