Winnsboro Independent School District

Proposed District of Innovation Plan

HB 1842 allows school districts the opportunity to have more flexibility and regain some local control in certain areas of how they function.  In order to take advantage of this, ISDs must propose a District of Innovation Plan and have it available for public viewing for 30 days on their website.  
WISD has posted the proposed District of Innovation Plan for the community to review.  We are focused on only three areas in this plan for regaining local control.  The District of Innovation Committee and the WISD Site Based Improvement Committee have approved the following plan.  If approved by the Board of Trustees, the plan will be valid for five years, and may be amended by the committee with subsequent approval by the Board.  
Although there are many other areas to choose from regarding flexibility, Winnsboro ISD administrators felt that only these three are pertinent to our District.  As we head into our new building project, we hope that this plan will allow opportunity to expand our potential to offer CTE courses that have not been previously possible.
Should you have questions about the proposed plan, please contact Torri Miller via email at