WHS Holds First Robotics Mini Camp

Tant Miller, Tony Vo, Dani Long, Kobe McAdoo, Bill Hua, Rachel Moos, Rob St. Miklossy, Ashten Cantu, Christian England, Artur Perrolli, and Zach Siemsen provided these Elementary Students with awesome supervision, guidance, and sportsmanship under the directions of Coach Cindy Rogers and her Husband Stacy Rogers.   The day’s challenge was to design and build a search and rescue robot, using the LEGO EV3 driving base, able to travel into a model burning building and retrieve survivors at various locations.  Victims at each difficulty level were assigned point values with the highest value being the hardest to retrieve, the company CEO.  The following students were the challenge champions: (Luke Rogers, Chance Arrington, Joseph Keef, and Colton Blair led by High School Mentor Tant Miller).  Joseph Keef was the only Elementary student that retrieved the CEO during the competition, congratulations Mr. Keef, what an accomplishment! Although there were only awards handed out for first place, second place and best sportsmanship, all who participated I believe left with an interest in Science, Engineering, STEM, and of course Robots as well as a positive experience of operating in a high pressure engineering team environment.  Their experiences will not be soon forgotten! Thank you Team for such an amazing job, it would not have happened without your efforts and support!  Thank you Winnsboro Hardware for supplying the building materials needed to conduct the camp, your contributions made the day possible! Most of all, Thank you Winnsboro Administration Technology Team for believing in this program,  and providing us with an opportunity to share with others what you have made happen for us! Last but definitely not least, parents, we could not have pulled this off without your dedicated support in making these kiddos day great, Thank you!

Cindy Rogers