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Bond Information

This section of the website will be dedicated to providing you with information regarding future planning for facilities in WISD.  
The information posted here will be relevant to the upcoming bond proposal.  Please use this information as you discuss the proposal with your friends and neighbors.

January 2016 Update from the Board of Trustees and Superintendent on the Bond Proposal



Update from the Board of Trustees:


The Winnsboro Independent School District Board of Trustees and Superintendent, Susan Morton and the Facilities Committee have been working for a number of months toward the goal of presenting a bond proposal to the Winnsboro community for voter approval. The district, after consideration of numerous tracts of land had entered into negotiations for property on FM 1448 at the eastern edge of town. The district had hoped to present a bond election in May 2016, however negotiations on the property were not able to be finalized. The Board of Trustees has asked Mrs. Morton to resume the search for a suitable building site that will meet the needs of the district for years to come. Though we will be unable to call a bond election for May 2016, we will continue to work toward being able to present a bond proposal in the near future that will meet the educational needs of our children at a reasonable cost to our community taxpayers and provide a facility in which our city will take great pride.


Chris McElyea


WISD Board of Trustees




Superintendent’s Message on Bond Information:


For the past three months, WISD has been trying to finalize a contract to purchase property on CR 1448, contingent upon the passing of a bond to build a new high school.   A final agreement could not be reached; therefore, WISD will have to seek other possibilities for a future building site.  Both parties are in agreement to halt negotiations and any other activities associated with this process.  Thus, WISD will be redirecting efforts to find a viable building site.  This will include board discussions, as well as discussions with the Facilities’ Committee.  Another component of this process will be developing a new timeline for calling a bond.   Winnsboro ISD Trustees and Administration understand that this is a very detailed process and want to assure everyone that time will be taken to do our due diligence to make the best possible decisions for the children and community.  The WISD Trustees have determined that calling for a bond in May 2016 would not allow adequate time to prepare a bond proposal.  We will continue to work toward formulating a plan to construct a new high school for the future of WISD.    


Susan Morton, Superintendent

Winnsboro Independent School District